The city is a competitive market for Indian food but, in the context of fine dining and authenticity, Ganges has earned a golden reputation as a stalwart of consistency and excellence that caters for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. A glance at the loyal regulars will cast aside any doubt as to the true originality of the food served as many Indian nationals congregate for the moreish taste of home that is provided by Padam, an experienced masterchef from the province of Darjeeling.

Irrespective of how full the restaurant is, the standard of service is unwavering as each customer is treated with sincerity, warmth and respect. The menu extends from notoriety of Northern naan breads, and rotis, to the rice and tandoor ovens of the South, providing an unrestricted scope for you to explore something new and astonishing if you can bring yourself to look beyond that bodaciously brilliant butter chicken.

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Chef’s Suggestions

Ganges restaurant serves an array of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes including Dosa with coconut chutney , Dahi papdi chat , tomatoes chilly Uthappa and much more.

Butter Chicken with Naan
Lamb Tikka Masala
Masala Dosa
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