Few words, in the English language, compete with ‘Burgers’, ‘Beef’ or ‘BBQ’,  in the provocation of watering mouths, and, as you might expect, Burger Joint is the home to all three! It’s a modern-styled place that makes its burgers in-house, ‘the old-fashioned way’, with 100% Australian beef, blended from three cuts that have been chosen for flavour, texture, juice  and succulence. Imported beef, cheddar cheese, pickle, onions, tomatoes and maybe a few jalapenos; the essence of simplicity and satisfaction. No self-respecting Burger Joint would leave you with an unquenched thirst; so enjoy the meaty fare with a crisp and cool glass of IPA, or choose from a selection of milkshakes, with pure contentment as you watch the outside world pass by this wooden-styled safe-haven from the large observatory window.

Enjoy 50% off total food bill!
  • Discount valid for à la Carte food only
  • Minimum order per person: 1 entrée + 1 main course or 1 main course + 1 dessert
  • Minimum chargeable drinks of 50,000vnd per person
  • Not applicable for set menu, not valid in conjunction with other promotions

Chef’s Suggestions

Burger Joint serves premium-quality beef patties fired across an open flame before they’re dressed, housed and garnished with locally-sourced salad and vegetables.

Saigon Burger
Bacon Burger
The Tripple
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