Frequently Asked Questions

Find on this page the answers or clarifications to most of
your questions about Le Gourmet Pass:

Should we book our table first?

As you would without Le Gourmet Pass, it is essential to book your table by phone beforehand, stating that you are a holder of the Guide. Some establishments having a reduced capacity, you will be welcomed in the best possible conditions.

Is the Pass nominative?

Yes, to be valid, the Pass must include the name, address, and signature of its holder who acknowledges having read the rules of usage. The aim is not to control identities but to avoid any error when the restaurant owner or his staff brings back your pass to you once validated (stamped). In addition, the restaurant owner must mention in the accounts the details of the persons to whom he has granted a reduction in order to be able to justify it in case of control. Therefore, a partner establishment may reject any pass that does not contain this information.

Is the Pass valid for a civil year?

No, it is valid one year but from the date of purchase of the Guide and not from January 1st. You benefit for a full year to enjoy the benefits it offers you.

Does everyone at the table have to hold their Pass in order to benefit from the discount?

No, you only need one pass per table, with a minimum of 2 persons and a maximum of 6 persons. If the table has more than 6 persons, the publishers are no longer contractually bound with the restaurants. It is appropriate in this case to ask the question directly to the head of the restaurant that you want to attend.

Why is it mandatory to consume at least one paid drink?

Le Gourmet Pass is a guide to gastronomic discoveries. It was conceived and realized with the aim of making you discover a selection of establishments. It is not made for “quick” meals or only to “enjoy” the discount, but to spend a moment of pleasure and relaxation in a spirit of conviviality. In this context, it is normal to show a minimum of consideration to professionals who welcome you by decorating your meal with at least one paid drink of your choice, with or without alcohol.

Why do restaurateurs offer such great discount?

It is necessary to emphasize that none of the restaurant owners is financially solicited to be included in the Guide. They are not “advertisers” but real partners. Their commitment to respecting the application of discounts is contractual. Their presence in the guide undeniably brings an influx of new customers who may not have come to taste their cookery otherwise.

May the restaurateur be tempted to reduce the dish portions?

That would be like cutting the branch on which he is sitting! The discount is valid only once. Its goal is to do everything to keep you loyal and encourage you to come back. For this, the quality of its hospitality, service, and cookery should leave you with a good memory. A holder of Le Gourmet Pass is treated with the same respect as other customers, without distinction.

Is there a special menu for the Pass holder?

No, discounts are valid on the whole restaurant menu.

Is the Gourmet Pass valid every day of the year without exception?

The Pass is generally valid every day of the year, Saturday and Sunday included. However, given the influx on official public holidays and festive holidays such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, etc., it is normal that the Passport is not valid for these occasions. When the capacity of the establishment allows it, it authorizes the use of the Gourmet Pass in exceptional agreement with the restaurateur. If exceptions apply, they are well specified in the respective pages.